– Jesus: Our Restorer of All That Is Broken (Part 4) 



Jesus, our restorer of all that is broken, wants us to thrive. He wants us to thrive in His Word, to thrive in His presence, to thrive in His peace and joy, and to thrive in His promises. Earlier we saw that God will restore our broken things and the ruins in our lives if we follow Him. To follow Him we must take the first steps: (1st) Read God’s Word, (2nd) Obey God’s Word, and (3rd) Pray and worship the Lord.

God isn’t calling you to make great promises to Him. He is calling you to trust His great promises to you (Kevin Dibbley)

Friends, the rubble and ruins that lie in front of you have been assigned specifically to you to show a watching world that Jesus, the Restorer of all broken things, is using you to be a wall builder and a warrior …

What are some of the promises seen in Nehemiah that can bless us, restore us, rebuild us, renew us?

  • God is always with meI will not fear.
  • God is always in control … I will not doubt.
  • God is always good … I will not despair.
  • God is always watching … I will not falter.
  • God is always victorious … I will not fail.


Take some time to reflect on areas in your life or touching your life that need God’s restoration and rebuilding. Do any of the promises above apply to that situation? As you seek God through His Word, record any promises He gives you. Later, as you look back, they will be a reminder to you of God’s great  faithfulness, power, and love.


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